Kingsley Home Care sponsored Tate becomes youngest holder of powerboat speed record

Nine-year-old Tate Mantripp has become the youngest recipient of a prestigious K7 Silver Star for setting a powerboat speed record on Coniston Water, in the Lake District.

Tate, a pupil at Carlton Colville Primary School, was competing at Coniston Records Week earlier this month, an international event held annually to honour the memory of Donald Campbell who broke eight world speed records on water and on land in the 1950s and 1960s.

He was competing in the GT15 class and set a speed record of 39.16mph – the average of two 1km runs on an out-and-back course – breaking the record of 38.13mph he had achieved earlier in the week.

His mother, Nikki Mantripp, 36, said: “Going nearly 40mph on water would feel like going 80mph in a car so it’s quite nerve-racking watching your nine-year-old son go out alone on such a vast stretch of water.”

She added that Tate was thought to be the youngest competitor to set a speed record in the 51 years of Records Week.

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