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A flexible approach to home care services allows us to provide care solutions tailor made to suit your specific needs and circumstances. Our highly committed care team is fully trained to provide the following types of care:

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Essential Daily Support

Whether you are a visiting or permanent client,
we offer specialist and very personal services, giving you valuable time to live the life you want.

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Respite Care

Everybody needs some time for themselves, even more so when they care for someone else. This is where respite care can be integral to you and your carer’s routine.

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Hourly Care

Whether it is personal care, domestic services or just companionship, Kingsley Home Care Services is here to help. From as little as one hour per week up to several visits per day, our friendly professional carers are there for you or your loved ones.

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Smart Technology

COMING SOON! – Our unique in-home technology offerings will benefit you and your loved ones greatly. Our soon to be launched virtual system will allow monitoring of medication, sleep and even the temperature of different rooms in your house.

Person-centred care

Here at Kingsley Home Care Services, we respect everyone and treat all people as individuals. This enables us to provide care that is tailored to each person’s personality and specific needs.

Key points to this approach include:

  • Looking to the individual first and assessing their specific care requirements afterwards
  • Taking time to understand the individual’s own personality and the story of their personal history
  • Encouraging the kind of social involvement and activity that brings out the best in an individual

Examples of person-centred care in practice

  • Helping clients do as many things for themselves as possible
  • Fostering an atmosphere built on freedom not control
  • Allowing the client to feel part of the community and carry on with life-long hobbies and interests
  • Becoming a trusted friend and, where possible, working together rather than simply identifying routine tasks to be carried out
  • Enabling choice and flexibility wherever we can, acknowledging that some degree of routine is necessary but observing that this need not be rigid in nature

Our approach to care

In general, life works better when a full understanding is achieved between people. At the heart of this mutual understanding and is effective communication. We listen carefully to our clients so that we can properly understand their needs and wishes. Communication is at the heart of everything we do at Kingsley Home Care Services.

Our aim is to go beyond the approach to person-centred care demonstrated by ordinary care businesses. We take the time not just to understand each individual’s care needs, but to get to know them as a person and support them in a way that makes them feel comfortable and happy.

Good people are the key to great care services and all of our staff are highly trained. We are careful in our recruitment and selection process and only choose those candidates that are kind, caring, ambitious and keen to improve their daily performance. Our staff know that their actions directly influence the wellbeing of another human being and they understand that the more they help others, the more job satisfaction they will enjoy.

We encourage the personal independence of all our clients. Through gentle encouragement and the promotion of activity, we focus on what can be achieved rather than what cannot. We offer choices so that freedom is truly felt by our clients.

We encourage the personal independence of all our clients. Through gentle encouragement and the promotion of activity we focus on what can be achieved rather than what can’t. We offer choices so that freedom is felt by our clients.

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