Smart Technology

Technology is progressing fast and the potential for transforming healthcare at home is grow enormously. In the coming months, Kingsley Home Care Services will harness this technology to provide you with exceptional levels of care in your home.

Young or elderly, computer savvy or not, we will help you understand the technology and take control of your care.

What is smart technology?

Wristband Sensors – These can measure vital statistics, such as heart rate, to indicate stress, illness or other abnormalities.

Door Sensors – These can flag up unusual activity or a lack of activity in relation to doors, which could indicate changes in health.

Seat Sensors – These will show where prolonged periods are spent in chairs, which can cause physical issues.

Plug Sensors – These will show where small things, like the decreased use of a kettle, can signify a change in behaviour patterns.

Tap Sensors – These will highlight changes in an individual’s water consumption, which could point to dehydration.

Shower Sensors – These will show any decrease in personal hygiene, which could be a sign of depression.

Bed Sensors – These are installed discreetly under a mattress and can measure prolonged periods in bed or erratic sleep patterns.

Our personal data promise

Kingsley Home Care Services Limited takes data protection seriously. We use your data to broaden our knowledge and learn about your healthcare needs. Personal data processing will always be in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and accord with the applicable country-specific legislation.

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